Battle Mile Rules


Battle mile – team competitions. Two teams of five athletes each go to the start of the Battle. Athletes need to run – 1 mile (1609 meters 34 centimeters).

The chip system records the time of each athlete for each semicircle (each 100m indoor, 200m outdoor), and the results in live mode are displayed on information panels that show the total time of each team and the difference between them in a specific period of time. This allows teams to control their position and quickly make tactical decisions at a distance.

The most interesting: each team has two spare runners, called “Jokers” (located in a special zone), they have the right to replace any member of his team at any stage of the distance at any time, BUT until the finish .

The team that shows the best time together of all athletes will win! If the teams showed the same finish time to the thousands, the team whose athlete crossed the finish line first – wins.


The team consists of 7 athletes (5 main + 2 jokers).

Professional teams have one representative from each of age categories:

  • U18 (16-17 y.o),
  • U20 (18-19 y.o),
  • U23 (20-22 y.o),
  • Senior (23-35 y.o),
  • and a joker who replaces one of his team members by distance (can only belong to the Senior age category).

Amateur teams are formed without age groups and cannot be recruited by athletes who competed at the official starts of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine at the level of the Championships of Ukraine for the last 3 years.